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Our page consists of references to popular songs, which we perform in our own interpretation.  The goal is to provide an enjoyable listening experience for all in the audience, regardless of the songs chosen with a customers Custom Setlist.  The band reserves the right to retain ordering of the song selections; however, will take the guidance of the customer for the custom songs chosen into a priority consideration.

Also, the songs selected should be well known to the customer. The band assumes no responsibility if the audience at the venue is offended by the lyrics, volume or any other reasonable component of the songs produced.


The band appreciates any advice regarding new songs not currently in it's song list; however, the band does not guarantee an ability to perform a suggested or requested song.

Please feel free to followup with us if there are concerns.  Obviously, if we don't know it or don't feel like we can offer a good performance, we won't be able to play it at an event.

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