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Cancellations can happen. 


If you have booked an event with us, please let us know at your earliest availability so we can free up our availability.

Generally the show must go on, and we try to live by those words.  We will make every effort to honor our commitment to you; however, there are times sickness and other availability issues may cause us to cancel an event.  We will attempt to discuss this with you at the contact left with us at the time of booking, or as otherwise known. 


Goods sold via our online store:

If we have sold you a physical item via our store, we generally offer no refunds once payment has been accepted and the item as requested is shipped.  For instances where the item shipped is incorrect, we will make the effort to replace the item or establish amenable terms to our customers.

Refunds on Pre-paid and/or Online Booked events:

Generally speaking the band gets paid in cash (USD) after an event; however, if a Credit Card and/or Paypal payment has been received prior to an event our intent would be to refund the full amount (less any unforeseen transaction costs, if incurred)

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