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  • What was the inspiration for your webpage design?
    We are a band, we are artists - but web design is not our expertise. We used a template of a website that sold Chocolate -- and what's not to like about that. Other than adding our sweet music, we're hoping the sentiment of Chocolate is retained for your viewing pleasure.
  • Can we just book the band by contacting the phone number, email, Facebook page or other outreach?"
    Yes! Of course. Thanks for stopping by the page! After booking your gig, we hope it's ok to include the date and time for your event on our Events page - and we'll also block out the time on this site so others can't double book the band. Would be nice to earn money for two gigs at the same time, tho! Sadly, we're not that good...yet.
  • Wait, whaaaat? You sell Merch?!"
    No, not yet on the website. Maybe soon! Let us know if you'd like to buy any Merch -- hopefully we'll have some at the show for you though. Basically, come to the show to get your SBMT schwag!
  • How far will you travel to gig?
    As far as our parents will drive us! Seriously, we gig the STL! If you're here on this site, we'll probably rock your socks off.
  • Will you open for other bands?
    Are you kidding?! We'd love to. If you are doing a headline show anywhere and need some main support - we're excited to warm up the crowd for you. You can't go wrong with having a legit squad of youth rockers to get the buzz for your show going, impress the audience and really get them in the mood for you to take the stage. Especially if you're touring through the St. Louis area --- we're here for you. Welcome to St. Louis!
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